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How to post your games at the Nomad Game Room

How to post your games at the Nomad Game Room

Jul 30, 2013, 5:33 PM 1

Post your match wins or any game you wish, with or without analysis/commentary at the Nomad Game Room via the Forum on our Team Home Page.

1. Go to your desired  game page or the game you wish to post, the click "Download PGN" option on right an icon should appear on bottom left of your monitors screen. 

2. click that icon to see the PGN. the games details  and moves should appear on your screen. Highlight the all the info by left click then left click on the hightlighted info  and select copy ...

3. Go to forum on NWO that says " Nomad Game Room" and click the little chessboard on the comment box and paste your PGN there;  just follow the instructions.

all games posted will be open to comments by other members. :D

-admin Amie

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