I am a jouneyman at chess but a novice in computer skills. I haven't anything to say at this point b

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I didn't mean to put all that info in my title. That's a direct action of my novice position in the computer world. I don't play tournaments . I should say; I've never played in a tournament. The closest I've come is playing in Dupont Circle Park, Washington D.C.,and that was back in the 70s. I love the game and I enjoy jovial trash talking. Don't like whiners. I've never been rated so I don't know where I fit. Looking forward to testing my ability. Buffalo is experiencing its first pangs of winter and that means I'll probably have more time to play. It's not as cold or snowy as some would have you believe and the food is great. (Buffalo wings and Pizza) We are also big on cornbeef and pastrami.I have no photos at this time. In fact I have no cam. Maybe next year. That's about all for now except to say....GOGOGO BILLS