Impressive comeback by Kramnik

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Stop the presses: Kramnik has won the tenth match game with White in an impressive manner. The match is now equal again: 5-5. With two games to go, it's hard to name a favorite. The reader will have realized by now that we at Doggers-schaak are rooting for Kramnik to do the job once more.

It's still interesting to follow the match live. On ICC I had a discussion with a Grandmaster, whose name I'd rather not reveal, who accompanied a number of Kramnik's moves with the commentary "computer move". At some point I asked him whether he didn't get tired of making the same joke over and over again. His answer was that he really did think it suspect that Kramnik followed the computer's suggestion so often.

In particular he mentioned the move 30.Qc2, where he had expected the 'human' 30.f3. I myself found the move Qc2 especially logical and human?Ǭ†(steps out of the pin of Ba6, prepares Qb3). According to him, f3 simply won a piece. I asked him: if f3 'just' wins a piece, then why is Qc2 a computer move? After all, in that case the computer would also 'just' play f3? His answer was legendary: "I don't have time to explain chess to you in five minutes."

Ah well, I guess you can't beat genuine paranoia with plain reason...

Update doggy 17.58 hrs: It's difficult to tell how the opening phase actually went, because on the one hand Kramnik (again) used a lot of time on the clock, but on the other hand it was he who played the new move (12.cxd5). Anyway, this position, after 22...Qe8, was an important moment:

Kramnik-Topalov WK-match (10), 2006

White has won a pawn but Black seems to have some compensation. Kramnik continues agressively with 23.Rc7 Bd8 24.Ra7 after which Topalov immediately made a mistake with 24...f6? (better 24...Bxb5). A series of powerful moves bringt Kramnik an almost decisive advantage: 25.Nd7 Rf7 26.Nxb6 Rxa7 27.Nxd5 Rd7 28.Ndc3. It was the other way around today: Kramnik played an excellent game and clearly Topalov had an off-day.

>> replay the tenth game with some notes in Dutch.


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