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To publish something on ChessVibes while playing a tournament might be a bit too much, but I don't care. Today I was sitting in the public libray of the Centre Pompidou, comfortably with laptop and wifi, going through this week's chess news, when I jumped into the beautiful fragment from the rapid game Gelfand-Shirov. You might have seen it already somewhere else, but in my opinion we cannot ignore it over here.

The game was played in the rapid tournament in Odessa I announced earlier. It was won by Ivanchuk, truly the man in top shape at the moment. Final standings:

 1. Ivanchuk       UKR 2729 7.0
 2. Grischuk       RUS 2717 6.5
 3. Radjabov       AZE 2747 5.5
 4. Shirov         ESP 2699 5.5
 5. Gelfand        ISR 2733 5.0
 6. Drozdovskij    UKR 2558 4.0
 7. Bacrot         FRA 2709 3.5
 8. Korchnoi       SUI 2623 3.0
 9. Smirin         ISR 2650 2.5
10. Tukmakov       UKR 2551 2.5

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