Indians Triumph At Hastings

Indians Triumph At Hastings

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The historic Hastings Chess Congress still survives after more than a century, albeit not as such a high-profile event, thanks to the support of the Hastings Borough Council and local businesses.

The 2010/11 congress was held from 28 December - 5 January as a 9-round Swiss event.  There was an exciting finale with Deep Sengupta of India beating French Romain Edouard, and his compatriot Arghyadip Das also winning his final game to share first place with a score of 7/9.

Young English GM David Howell was among a pack of six players half a point behind the winners after he could only draw his last round game.

The winners, Deep Sengupta (left) and Arghyadip Das (right)

Deep Sungupta1.jpg Arghyadip Das.jpg

Pictures from the official website

The top finishers at Hastings 2010/11:

 Name Pts Nat Elo
 SENGUPTA, Deep 7.0 IND 2558
 DAS Arghyadip 7.0 IND 2476
 EDOUARD, Romain 6.5 FRA 2636
 ISTRATESCU, Andrei 6.5 ROU 2616
 HOWELL, David
6.5 ENG 2611
 NEVEROV, Valeriy 6.5 UKR 2522
6.5 ENG 2470
 PRASANNA, Rao 6.5 IND 2400
 KOTRONIAS, Vasilios 6.0 GRE 2591
6.0 ENG 2560
 SHYAM, Sundar
6.0 IND 2439
 RAMNATH, Bhuvanesh
6.0 IND 2427
 WOHL, Aleksandar
6.0 AUS 2424
 BATES, Richard
6.0 ENG 2370


The crucial last round games:





The famous photo from the great 1895 Hastings tournament, won by the young Harry Pillsbury:



Standing (l to r): Adolf Albin, Carl Schlechter, David Janowski, Georg Marco, Joseph Henry Blackburne, Geza Maroczy, Emanuel Schiffers, Isidore Gunsberg, Amos Burn, Samuel Tinsley.  Seated (l to r): Beniamino Vergani, Wilhelm Steinitz, Mikhail Chigorin, Emmanuel Lasker, Harry Nelson Pillsbury, Siegbert Tarrasch, Jacques Mieses, Richard Teichmann.

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