International Chess: Negroponte 2012

International Chess: Negroponte 2012

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International Chess Events «Negroponte 2012»

7-9th August 2012

 Press Release

In the beautiful city of Chalkis, the couple Suat & Ekaterina Atalik was hosted by the direction of the luxurious facilities of Lucy Hotel to conduct the first game between spouses in the history of chess.


In a familiar environment, the philhellenes players battled for three days to honor the Greek hospitality and the Chess Academy of Chalcis who refused to accept the illegal decision of the Turkish Chess Federation to ban their participation in competitions within and outside Turkey, a decision that (unfortunately) the Greek Chess Federation accepted and, moreover, illegally imposed its practice to the Greek territory.

Suat Atalik - IMWGM Ekaterina Atalik - Negroponte 2012.jpg

During the first day (7th August), a press conference was given by Mr. Atalik by the presence of television crews, journalists, chess players and other attendees, where Mr. Atalik analyzed the history of illegal exclusion and the subordination of the Administration of the Greek Chess Federation in the orders of the President of the Turkish Chess Federation Mr. Ali Nihat Yazıc, leaving everyone speechless. He also analyzed the special relations of interests that have thrived between the two presidents, relationships which led the Greek Chess Federation to be the only federation in the world to discipline in the firman of Mr. Ali Nihat Yazıc.

 He also explained in gruesome details about what is happening in the world chess community and invited players around the world to resist to these illegal and fascist actions. The same has been also said by his wife, Mrs. Ekaterina Atalik, who both were excluded by the national groups of men - women in Turkey, although they were leading (top players) in Turkey. Two lots of 90 minutes followed until the end of the game, with 30 seconds increment for every chess player, the winner of which was Mr. Suat Atalik with a score 2-0. After the press conference, the representative of the Super Market "Kritikos", Regional Director Dimitris Katsaros was awarded.


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During the second day, four rapid games of chess took place, the winner of them was Mr. Suat Atalik with a score of 3.5 to 0.5. In the evening at 20:00, in front of Lucy Hotel that is located in the seaside of Chalkis, Mr. Suat Atalik played a simultaneous game with 18 players from various clubs, including the President and the Coach of the Chess Union of Evia, Mr. Panagiotis Giannoutsos and Evangelos Kalaitzis respectively, the president of the Thebes Chess Club and the brothers George and Dimitris Papakonstantinou representing the Chess Union of Amfissa. The result of the game was 18 wins for Mr. Suat Atalik. After the simultaneous game, a dinner followed in the tavern'' Dolphins'' hosted by the owner, Mr. John Rematas.


During the third day, 8 blitz games were played, the result of them was a draw between the two spouses with the score of 4-4. After that, the closing ceremony followed, where the Manager of the ‘Hotel Lucy’, Mr. Costas Roussopoulos, the President of the Chess Union of Amfissa, Mr.Costas Papaconstantinou, the Politician of the Party of Pirates, Mr. Eustathios Livaditis and the President of the Chess Academy of Chalcis, Mrs.Anna Pavlidou awarded cups, medals and plaques to Mr. Suat Atalik and Mrs. Ekaterina Atalik.

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Honorary was the presence and the attendance of the games from the doctor and chess player Mr. Dimitris Anagnostou, as well as the Director of the 2nd Primary School of the Special Juvenile Detention in Avlona, Mr. Nick Armenis.


In an emotional speech, Mr. and Mrs. Atalik thanked the media, the Hotel Manager for the hospitality as well as Mr. George Tsounis and the Chess Academy of Chalcis. Moreover, they said that for them, from now on, Chalkis is considered as a second hometown.


Eventually, because of the illegal acts, Mr.Suat Atalik, the Chess Academy of Chalcis and the Sports Tourism of Chalkis and, therefore, of Greece were punished. Abusing its institutional role, the Greek Chess Federation replaced the General Secretariat of Sports and the Ministry of Tourism.


In conclusion, by that action, the Presidents of the Greek and Turkish Federations, Mr. George Makropoulos and Mr.Ali Nihat Yazıc respectively, verified in a global level the greek saying "No prophet in his own place", which means that nobody can succeed goals in his country, as well as they clearly proved that ‘if someone is right he might prove it, but if someone is extremely right he might get burnt ...’.

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On the behalf of the Chess Academy of Chalcis, Mrs. Anna Pavlidou (President) thanked the partners of the event: Ms. Elena Vraka (secretariat), the General Secretary Mr. John Dovra, Mr. Anastasios Michaelides (referee of the games), Mr. Kostas Papakonstantinou and Mrs. Joanna Lazogeorgou - Papakonstantinou, the participant players of the simultaneous game as well as everyone who congratulated the Chess Academy of Chalcis for its position. She also thanked for the hospitality of the event in Chalkis.


She also thanked the sponsors: ‘’, Mr. Makis Triantafyllopoulos, the super market ‘KRITIKOS’, TV, ‘evia -’, the Manager of ‘Lucy Hotel’, the café ‘Mostar’, ‘Pantheon’ , the inscriptions ‘Kafantari’ the ‘Café Vintage’ and the tavern  ‘Dolphins’.


The Chess Academy of Chalkis, through institutional factors, will seek to lift the unfair cancellation of the tournament which was imposed by the Greek Chess Federation and organize a strong tournament in 2013.


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