It's Official: Ilyumzhinov vs. Kasparov

It's Official: Ilyumzhinov vs. Kasparov

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It's official: the FIDE Presidential elections in August will go between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Garry Kasparov. Both had announced their candidacy for FIDE President a while back, but now on the FIDE website it is mentioned that no other tickets had come in by the deadline of 11 May, 17:00 UTC+2.

The report on the FIDE website mentions the tickets of both candidates:


Kirsan Ilyumzhinov - President
Georgios Makropoulos - Deputy President
Abraham Tolentino - General Secretary
Aguinaldo Jaime - Vice President
Martha Fierro Baquero - Vice President
Adrian Siegel - Treasurer


Garry Kasparov - President
Jan Callewaert - Deputy President
Ignatius Leong - General Secretary
Afrika Msimang - Vice President
Ian Wilkinson - Vice President
Rex Sinquefield- Treasurer

Interestingly, one name in Kasparov's ticket has changed. The report informs:

“On 9 May 2014 the ticket of Garry Kasparov was submitted to the FIDE secretariat, by lawyer Morten Sand, with the name of Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hamed as Vice-President. The next day, on 10 May, the FIDE Secretariat received an email from Garry Kasparov stating: “(s)ince that filing, Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hamed has informed me that he has become incapable to run for election, and Ian Wilkinson has agreed to replace him as Vice President on my ticket”. Above the 20 nominating federations of Garry Kasparov’s ticket, there were 3 that nominated Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hamed in Garry Kasparov’s ticket (Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Puerto Rico).”

The report also suggests that Mr Ilyumzhinov has a big lead - he has been nominated by 56 national federations, while Mr Kasparov has been nominated by 20 federations. Here's the distribution of nominations:


Ilyumzhinov Kasparov
01. Algeria 01. Ghana
02. Angola 02. Ivory Coast
03. Botswana 03. Kenya
04. Cameroon 04. Rwanda
05. Comoros Islands 05. South Africa
06. Egypt
07. Gabon
08. Gambia
09. Madagascar
10. Malawi
11. Mauritania
12. Mauritius
13. Morocco
14. Mozambique
15. Namibia
16. Seychelles
17. Sierra Leone
18. Swaziland
19. Togo
20. Tunisia
21. Uganda
22. Zambia
23. Argentina 06. Jamaica
24. Barbados 07. USA
25. Brazil
26. Colombia
27. Dominican Republic
28. Ecuador
29. Guatemala
30. Guyana
31. Haiti
32. Honduras
33. Mexico
34. Netherlands Antilles
35. Nicaragua
36. Panama
37. Peru
38. Surinam
39. Uruguay
40. Venezuela
ASIA (9) ASIA (8)
41. Bhutan 08. Afghanistan
42. Cambodia 09. Australia
43. India 10. Hong Kong
44. Iran 11. Kyrgyzstan
45. Korea 12. Macau
46. Maldives 13. Myanmar
47. Nepal 14. Philippines
48. Qatar 15. Singapore
49. Uzbekistan
50. Cyprus 16. Belgium
51. Georgia 17. Croatia
52. Greece 18. Iceland
53. Romania 19. Portugal
54. Russia 20. Ukraine
55. Switzerland
56. Turkey

However, since each candidate only needs nominations from five different federations (see the regulations here), these numbers don't say much. It's all about the voting by the delegates during the elections.

During the General Assembly there will also be the vote for Continental Presidents. FIDE has informed about the following nominations:

Olalekan Emmanuel Adeyemi
Lakhdar Mazouz
Lewis Ncube

Jorge Vega

Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al-Nehayan
Prospero A. Pichay, Jr

Zurab Azmaiparashvili
Silvio Danailov

For the European Chess Union, these are the tickets:


Zurab Azmaiparashvili (Georgia) - ECU President.
Ion Serban Dobronauteanu (Romania) - ECU Deputy President.
Finnbjørn Vang (Faroe Islands) - ECU Vice President.
Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou (Greece) - General Secretary.
Martin Huba (Slovakia) ECU Treasurer.


Silvio Danailov - President
Joran Aulin-Jansson - Deputy President
Horst Metzing – Vice President,
Sava Stoisavljevic – General Secretary 
Almog Burstein – Treasurer.

In related news, the Russian Chess Federation has nominated its President Andrei Filatov to the post of Vice-President of FIDE. The election of the vice-presidents will take place immediately after the Presidential election. It's the first time that a candidate from Russia is up for election by a voting procedure, since in accordance with the rules of FIDE a candidate for the post of vice-president can also be appointed by decision of the elected head of FIDE or can be elected as part of the president’s team. Andrei Filatov is being nominated through the democratic election route – the congress delegates will examine his candidacy and hold a vote.

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