Ivanchuk beats Leko after blitz playoff

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Leko had returned from the grave, levelling a score of 5-3 in Ivanchuk's favour after 8 games, to put the final score on 6-6. But in the end it was still Ivanchuk who went away with the victory after winning the blitz playoff 0,5-1,5. This weekend the two super grandmasters played a 12-game exhibition rapid match in the western Ukrainian town of Mukachevo.

The competition was originated by the initiative of the President of Universal Event Promotion, Josef Resch, who celebrated his 50th birthday this year. On the occasion of this anniversary the idea of an extraordinary chess event was implemented. The time control for each game was ten minutes plus ten seconds per move. In the two blitz games it was 4 minutes plus 2 seconds per move. The match was played between the number one of Hungary and the number one of the Ukraine and the call was as close as the countries are.

The location:

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The main street in Mukachevo

The match was held in the Cinema Theatre "Peremoha"

Josef Resch


Peter Leko

Vassily Ivanchuk

Photos: Sergej Volkov
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