Ivanchuk doesn't win, Topalov does

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Ivanchuk's winning streak in Sofia came to an end today: Radjabov held him to a draw. Topalov defeated Aronian again and moved within a point of the leader. Cheparinov beat Bu with Black.

It had to end somewhere. In a line of the Sveshnikov which was played at top level in Adams-Kramnik, Wijk aan Zee 2001 and Anand-Radjabov, Mainz (rapid) 2006, Radjabov's 20...Rbe8 was the first new move. White can take a6 or d6 there, but both look dangerous. Instead, Ivanchuk decided to exchange knight against bishop and then also queens, when the resulting ending was dead drawn.

And so for some excitement we had to look elsewhere this time, and we did find it! Cheparinov won a great game against a struggling Bu, after they had quickly left theory (9.Nd2 was new). It all started quietly but after 22.a6 23.Nb7 the game became quite interesting and as always, Cheparinov went for the kill. With his second Erwin l'Ami and with Robert Fontaine I was looking at the game during timetrouble and Erwin liked the alternative 33...exf3 but then it's not so clear because of 34.Rfxf3. After 33...g2 Bu should have played 34.Rf2!, which seems to draw. 34.Re1 was losing as Cheparinov showed in the game, but also after the easy 40...Re8 -+. A very good game by the Bulgarian, who wasn't afraid of sacrificing a knight and then a rook!

Topalov came half a point closer to Ivanchuk by beating Aronian. The Armenian lost his form for some reason here in Sofia and after his novelty 12...Re8 he made a big mistake with 33...Qa3, where 33...Rd3! was essential. Black lost a pawn and Topalov had no mercy.


Pairings round 7:

Ivanchuk, V - Topalov, V Radjabov, T - Xiangzhi, Bu Cheparinov, I - Aronian, L

My video material will be published as soon as possible. Videos by Europe-Echecs:

ivanchuk3 Vassily Ivanchuk

topalov Veselin Topalov

aronian2 Levon Aronian

radjabov Teimour Radjabov

cheparinov Ivan Cheparinov

bu Bu Xiangzhi


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