Ivanchuk Leads Tal Memorial

Ivanchuk Leads Tal Memorial

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It's tough at the top.  After winning in round 6 at the Mikhail Tal Memorial to take the lead - and the no.1 spot on the unofficial 'live' rankings list, Alexander Morozevich then lost to Vassily Ivanchuk (pictured) in a thrilling game in round 7, and lost again to Gata Kamsky in round 8.  So Vishy Anand is back on top of live ranking list - for now at least.

Against Ivanchuk, Morozevich played the Grunfeld and fearlessly sacrificed pawns on c5 and b6 to gain the initative.  However, a final pawn sac on e5 proved to be a sac to far and Ivanchuk took control to win the game, and take the lead.

Rounds 7 and 8 saw lots of exciting chess and many decisive games.  Alexei Shirov is having a nightmare tournament, but after losing badly to Ponomariov in round 7 he recovered to win against Mamedyarov in round 8.  Kramnik played a spectacular sacrifice against Gelfand in round 7, but only managed a draw - however, he gained his second win of the tournament in round 8 against Alekseev to move back into respectable plus-score territory.

Kamsky sacrificed pawns against against Leko in round 7, but ultimately lost to a neat trap.  He bounced back to win against Morozevich in round 8.

Phew!  So Ivanchuk leads by a full point with one round to go. All the results and many of the games are below.

The results in round 7:

Ivanchuk, Vassily - Morozevich, Alexander 1-0 60 D87 Gruenfeld Botvinnik
Gelfand, Boris - Kramnik, Vladimir ½-½ 47 D45 Anti-Meran Variations
Ponomariov, Ruslan - Shirov, Alexei 1-0 38 B30 Sicilian Rossolimo
Alekseev, Evgeny - Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar 1-0 38 C10 French Rubinstein
Kamsky, Gata - Leko, Peter 0-1 48 A46 Queen's Pawn Opening


The results in round 8:

Morozevich, Alexander - Kamsky, Gata 0-1 69 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Kramnik, Vladimir - Alekseev, Evgeny 1-0 41 A37 English Symmetrical
Ponomariov, Ruslan - Ivanchuk, Vassily ½-½ 89 C92 Ruy Lopez Chigorin
Leko, Peter - Gelfand, Boris ½-½ 24 C42 Petroff's Defence
Shirov, Alexei - Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar 1-0 33 B46 Sicilian Paulsen


The standings with one round to go:

1 Ivanchuk, Vassily   UKR   2781   
2 Morozevich, Alexander  RUS  2788  
3 Gelfand, Boris  ISR  2720  
4 Kramnik, Vladimir  RUS  2788  
5 Ponomariov, Ruslan  UKR  2718  
6 Leko, Peter  HUN  2741 4
7 Alekseev, Evgeny  RUS  2708  
8 Kamsky, Gata  USA  2723  
9 Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar  AZE  2742 3
10 Shirov, Alexei  ESP  2741  


Final round pairings:

Vassily Ivanchuk 
 Alexei Shirov
Gata Kamsky 
 Ruslan Ponomariov
Boris Gelfand 
 Alexander Morozevich
Evgeny Alekseev 
 Peter Leko
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 
 Vladimir Kramnik


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