Ivanchuk defeats Navara

Ivanchuk defeats Navara

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Czech's finest, David Navara, scored his first win in game 5 of his 8-game rapid match with Vassily Ivanchuk yesterday.

However, in game 6 Ivanchuk reasserted his lead and his dominance with the white pieces by winning yet again.

So going into today's final day Ivanchuk (pictured) held a 4-2 lead, but Navara's slim hopes of a comeback were dashed when in the penultimate round Ivanchuk proved that he can win with the black pieces as well. 

The final game couldn't change the match result, but both players gave it their all, and an entertaining draw resulted.

Navara is a promising young player, but the 40-year old Ukrainian showed his class in this enjoyable match.  Credit to both players!

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