Ivanchuk wins Leon 2008

Ivanchuk wins Leon 2008

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Chucky beats Vishy in Spain 

After winning the title in Leon for the last three years, Vishy Anand finally lost his rapidplay crown in a thrilling final to the remarkable Ukrainian by a score of 2.5-1.5.

In the first game, Ivanchuk gained a good position from the Black side of a Sicilian and refuted a Vishy sacrifice 38.Nxf6 with the picturesque 40...Qxb2.  However, Vishy bounced back in the second game to win himself with the Sicilian defence.

Game 3 followed the moves of the first game for a long time, but Vishy varied first and got a better position this time. A fascinating ending followed, ending in a draw by repetition after 56 moves.

In the final game Ivanchuk switched to 1.d4 and Anand dramatically lost the plot in the opening, getting into terrible trouble very early and resigning after just 16 moves!

Congratulations to Ivanchuk on his success!



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