J’adoubies nominations opened

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In the world of motion pictures, not only the well-known Academy Awards (a.k.a. Oscars) exist, but also the Golden Raspberries ('razzies'): the awards for worst film, worst actress, et cetera. This always leads to hilarious news articles like: "Madonna's movie Swept Away has stolen the show at Hollywood's Golden Raspberry awards, or Razzies, for the worst films of the year. The desert island romance, starring Madonna and directed by her husband Guy Ritchie, took five Razzies on Saturday, including worst picture, worst actress and worst director." For ages the chess world has its own Oscar, which is awarded yearly by the Russian magazine 64, and since recently there are also Razzies for chess players: the J'adoubies.

On the blog j'adboube...the off-center knight the categories are published for the yearly J'adoubies awards. GM Danny Gormally, who approached Levon Aronian in an unfriendly manner at the Bermuda Party during the Turin Olympiad after he spotted Levon close to Arianne Caoili, is nominated for as many as four categories: the J'ahad, the J'aDOH, the J'adore and the J'ahaha.

Susan Polgar has been nominated in the J'adEGO category - for the vainest chess personality. The reason was "having more pictures of herself on her website than Paris Hilton has casual sex encounters".

The J'adoubie-doo-bee-doo is awarded to the biggest whiner in the chess world 'because they sound like howling cats in an alley'. Chessbase has been nominated, "for their rave anthems about Deep Fritz that boom out loud and clear all across their front page".

Entries are still open for nominations as well as categories.

Thanks to Goran. (Who by the way was also one of the first to bring the news that Kramnik is getting married.)
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