Jakovenko beats Naiditsch in 2nd round Dortmund

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In the second round of the Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Dmitry Jakovenko recovered from his loss yesterday by beating Arkadij Naiditsch in a very nice game. Leko-Carlsen and Kramnik-Bacrot both ended in a draw.

The 37th Sparkassen Chess Meeting takes place July 2-12th, 2009 in Dortmund, Germany. Carlsen (2772), Jakovenko (2760), Kramnik (2759), Leko (2756), Bacrot (2721) and Naiditsch (2697) play a double round-robin.

Round 2

Peter Leko played his second quick draw, today against Magnus Carlsen, for whom an easy Black game was very welcome of course. Perhaps the Norwegian had surprised the Hungarian in the opening because White had no opening advantage whatsoever and then started to exchange everything.Leko continues his opening strategy from Nalchik, where he also varied with non-1.e4 openings, but at that Grand Prix tournament he won his only two White games with... yes, 1.e4 (both against the Petroff!).Kramnik and Bacrot also drew for the second time and this game ended in a similar way: the opening play of the former World Champion had led to nothing (in fact if anyone was better in the end, it was Black) and then there was nothing else to do but exchange lots of material. A good game by Bacrot.Therefore Jakovenko-Naiditsch was easily the game of the day and it was admiring to see how Jakovenko recovered from his first-round loss. In Karpovian fashion (when the 12th World Champion was still playing 1.e4) he slowly but surely increased his opening advantage and with a nice tactical idea in the ending, he decided the game in his favour.Most people consider Carlsen and Kramnik the two favorites for tournament victory. Tomorrow they meet for the first time with the Norwegian behind the white pieces.

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