Jeffery Xiong Wins Nov. 3 Titled Tuesday
Jeffery Xiong. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

Jeffery Xiong Wins Nov. 3 Titled Tuesday

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GM Jeffery Xiong won the November 3 Titled Tuesday tournament, only his second Titled Tuesday victory so far. The American grandmaster finished on a fantastic 10/11 and remained undefeated.

Xiong had won once before, on April 18, 2017, which was also a qualifier for the Speed Chess Championship of that year. Like then, Xiong finished in clear first place in this week's tournament, an 11-round Swiss at a 3+1 time control with a total of 702 participants. 

The live broadcast of the tournament.

There was a very surprising leader after seven rounds: IM Loic Travadon (@lolo9292), who was the only player left with a 100 percent score.

The French IM won his seventh game against the Indian talent GM Raunak Sadhwani (@RaunakSadhwani2005) in a game that can only be called The Dance of the Knights.

That was where the fun ended for Travadon, who lost three games in a row. In round eight, he was nicely outplayed by GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov (@ChessWarrior7197).

Xiong started with five wins before drawing with GMs Hikaru Nakamura (@Hikaru) and Vladimir Fedoseev (@Bigfish1995). The young American GM then won four games in a row to clinch the title, also profiting from the move-less draw between the other two players who were on 9/10, Sadhwani and the Dutch GM Jorden van Foreest (@joppie2).  

Xiong's last-round win was against none other than GM Alireza Firouzja (@Firouzja2003). The American player surely knew his way in the Closed Sicilian, but it was only in the endgame that Firouzja blundered:

November 3 Titled Tuesday | Final Standings (Top 20)

Rk Fed Title Username Name Score SB
1 GM @jefferyx Jeffery Xiong 10 57
2 GM @Duhless Daniil Dubov 9.5 64.5
3 GM @RaunakSadhwani2005 Raunak Sadhwani 9.5 62.25
4 GM @joppie2 Jorden van Foreest 9.5 52.5
5 GM @Sibelephant Vladislav Artemiev 9 66
6 GM @FairChess_on_YouTube Dmitry Andreikin 9 61
7 GM @Baby_Legs Arik Braun 9 60.5
8 GM @Chopper1905 Mustafa Yilmaz 9 57
9 GM @Zhigalko_Sergei Sergei Zhigalko 9 56.5
10 GM @vugarrasulov Vugar Rasulov 9 55
11 GM @Onischuk_V Vladimir Onischuk 8.5 61.5
12 GM @BilodeauA Kirill Alekseenko 8.5 57.25
13 GM @AnishOnYoutube Anish Giri 8.5 55
14 GM @TimofeevAr Artem Timofeev 8.5 51.75
14 GM @GigaQuparadze Giga Quparadze 8.5 51.75
16 GM @Firouzja2003 Alireza Firouzja 8.5 50.5
17 GM @Shield12 Shamsiddin Vokhidov 8.5 49.75
18 IM @swimmerchess Siva Mahadevan 8.5 48.25
19 FM @DenLaz Denis Lazavik 8.5 46.75
19 GM @LiemLe Liem Le 8.5 46.75

Xiong won the $750 first prize, GM Daniil Dubov (@Duhless) won $400, Sadhwani $150, and Van Foreest $100. The $100 prize for the best female player went to GM Valentina Gunina (@Vanina1989) who scored 7.5/11.

Titled Tuesday is's weekly tournament for titled players. It starts each Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (19:00 Central Europe) with a weekly prize fund of $1,600.

Titled Tuesday format

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