Jermuk Grand Prix Update

Jermuk Grand Prix Update

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After three rounds at the Jermuk Grand Prix in Armenia, there is a three-way tie at the top between Lev Aronian, Ivan Cheparinov and Peter Leko (pictured) on 2/3.

The Bulgarian Cheparinov won against Jakovenko in the first round in a Four Knights Defence.  It's nice to see these neglected classical lines getting an airing at the top level!

Ivanchuk even tried the Giuoco Piano against local favourite Aronian, but a draw was the end result.

Jakovenko bounced back with a win against Kamsky in the second round, and Aronian showed his endgame prowess to beat Alekseev in a tricky queen ending.

Alekseev also bounced straight back in round three against Inarkiev, which was the only decisive result of the round.  Inarkiev was also on the receiving end of a decisive game in round one against Leko, and so props up the current standings.

Aronian, Levon   ARM   2768 2
Cheparinov, Ivan  BUL  2678 2
Leko, Peter  HUN  2756 2
Eljanov, Pavel  UKR  2716  
Akopian, Vladimir  ARM  2712  
Gelfand, Boris  ISR  2755  
Ivanchuk, Vassily  UKR  2703  
Karjakin, Sergey  UKR  2717  
Kasimdzhanov, Rustam  UZB  2672  
Bacrot, Etienne  FRA  2721  
Jakovenko, Dmitry  RUS  2760  
Alekseev, Evgeny  RUS  2714  
Kamsky, Gata  USA  2717 1
Inarkiev, Ernesto  RUS  2675 ½ 

The official website is here and live games can be followed at this link.

The tournament is also serving as a memorial event for the late, great Armenian world champion, Tigran Petrosian (pictured).  The famously tough-to-beat Petrosian ousted Botvinnik to take the title in 1963 and held it until 1969 when Spassky finally overcame his tenacious style.

"Iron Tigran" learned to play chess at eight years of age and won the Soviet Championship for the first time in 1959, going on to win the prestigious title on another three occasions (1961, 1969, 1975).

This year is the 80th anniversary of Petrosian's birth.  He died in 1984, aged just 55.


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