Jermuk R11: Inarkiev wins again, Cheparinov loses again

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Jermuk GPAfter beating Dmitry Jakovenko in a spectacular game, Ernesto Inarkiev said goodbye to his last place in the standings today. That spot is now taken by Ivan Cheparinov, who lost again, this time to Eljanov.

The 5th tournament in the FIDE Grand Prix Series takes place in Jermuk, Armenia. It's a 14-player round-robin with Aronian, Jakovenko, Leko, Gelfand, Bacrot, Kamsky, Karjakin, Eljanov, Alekseev, Akopian, Ivanchuk, Cheparinov, Inarkiev and Kasimdzhanov. More info on the GP and Jermuk in our preview.

Round 11

Do we need to start worrying about Ivan Cheparinov's health? The tournament website doesn't mention anything, and Ivan doesn't look ill at all on the photos, so we're probably just dealing with a terrible lack of form. After a good start the Bulgarian scored half a point out of the last seven games but just like Inarkiev, he never goes down without a good fight.

Yesterday's game against Eljanov was a spectacular King's Indian in which the Ukrainian went for the rare but interesting sideline 11.g4, followed by Rf1-f2-g2. Don't miss that amazing rook sacrifice on g5 to which Cheparinov had to reply by giving up his queen, which in the end was not enough to hold everything together.

Jermuk GP

In a similar pawn structure, Jakovenko also tried a g2-g4 against Inarkiev's Breyer/Zaitsev hybrid. Things spiced up even more when Inarkiev started to march his king back to the centre (and eventually all the way to b8) and his courage paid off once again!

The game between the co-leaders Kasimdzhanov and Leko was theoretically relevant; the Hungarian's 20...Qd6 was a deviation from Aronian's 20...Qc5 with which the Armenian top GM eventually lost to Kasim. The subsequent queen sacrifice which led to a perpetual must have been on both players' boards before - or should we say computer screens?

Jermuk GP

Levon Aronian, who had beaten his compatriot Vladimir Akopian in Nalchik, came very close to doing the same in Jermuk and thereby joining the leaders at the top of the standings. However, on move 31 he blundered the win (31...Ne5! 32.Kf2 Nxf3! is curtains).

Jermuk GP

Round 11 games

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