Jobava dominates in Milan to re-enter live rating list

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The Memorial E. Crespi in Milan is the strongest and biggest Italian open, with 290 players in various categories including 58 in the Master Group. Before the event, the organizers proudly announced top seed Baadur Jobava with the words "Dalla Georgia con furore" but probably didn't expect how true this would become.

Jobava scored 8.5/9 (TPR 2910) to finish two points clear of the field – part of his motivation to keep pressing may have been that he needed this result to regain and then keep a spot on the live rating list. GM Drazic said that the presence of Jobava 'killed' the tournament and predicted that he will soon become a top 20 player.

Most of Jobava's win were with rather simple, seemingly effortless but efficient chess. In the early rounds, two Italian youngsters played more spectacular games: In round 1, 14-year old Paolo Formento beat second seed GM Solodovnichenko in "coffeehouse style", one day later 19-year old FM Alessio Valsecchi upset GM David with a typical, here probably speculative Sicilian piece sacrifice. For Alberto David, who was born in Milan but currently plays for Luxemburg, this may have been 'déjà vu': last year he had lost in similar fashion to the eventual surprise winner, untitled American Matthew Herman. Formento eventually finished "about where he belongs in the field".

Valsecchi – from nearby Bergamo and a regular guest at the Milan chess scene – continued to play well, including in total 3/6 against GMs, to obtain his final IM norm. As he now also crossed Elo 2400 he will soon be an official IM. The very youngest player in the Master Group was 11-year old Luca Moroni who scored a respectable 3.5/9.

Selection of games

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Final standings (top 30)

1GMJobava Baadur267829108.546.5050.50
2GMMalaniuk Vladimir P250425826.547.0050.00
3GMShishkin Vadim244925426.047.0051.50
4GMDrazic Sinisa253725706.047.0050.50
5GMKosic Dragan250225386.044.5048.50
6GMDavid Alberto259725466.044.0046.00
7GMSolodovnichenko Yuri262924756.042.0046.50
8IMColovic Aleksandar245124286.042.0045.50
9IMBellia Fabrizio241824356.041.5044.50
10GMSedlak Nikola259224945.548.5053.00
11IMMartinez Rolly242024695.547.0051.00
12GMSalvador Roland250024235.547.0050.00
13GMLazic Miroljub245923945.546.0050.00
14FMValsecchi Alessio237625285.545.5049.50
15IMDoric Darko250424715.545.0049.00
16FMSbarra Marco224523785.539.0043.00
17--Anurag Mhamal222223305.538.5040.00
18--Massironi Marco217122645.537.5041.00
19--Miracola Massimilian200723385.537.5040.50
20FMBove Alessandro236923295.041.5045.00
21IMStella Andrea244822835.040.5044.50
22--Giretti Kanev Jasen219924045.039.5042.50
23IMVezzosi Paolo232122305.037.0040.00
24--Cacciola Alfredo208021835.034.5036.00
25WIMBrunello Marina222122814.540.5043.00
26--Salmoiraghi Angelo217422054.540.0044.00
27--Thakur Akash232421644.540.0043.00
28--Formento Paolo213322184.538.5042.00
29--Cani Gazmir217422094.538.5042.00
30--Gongalov Bojan208422234.535.5037.00


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