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One of the editors had almost named his two cats Karja and Radja. Even his girlfriend liked the names, but the two pets were already used to their own names. The two names qualified yesterday for the finals of the Cap d'Agde rapid tournament. Karjakin beat Magnus Carlsen, who didn't handle an ending with good knight against bad bishop very well. Radjabov scored the 1-0 after a mistake by Volokitin in a rook ending after which he could make 2-0 easily with the white pieces.

Sergei Karjakin

Teimour Radjabov

Volokitin-Radjabov Cap d'Agde rapid, 2006

Black exchanged queens with 39...Qxb4 after which White made a instructive mistake with 40.Rxb4? The white passed pawn now stays in the Black king's square; after 40...Ra8 41.Rb1 Kg8 Black won. It's a draw after 40.cxb4 Ra8 41.Rd1 Kg8 42.b5 and the passed pawns will be exchanged.

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