Karpov: "A Champion of Change"

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FIDE & KarpovAfter a lifetime dedicated to playing and promoting the game of chess, 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov is running for the office of President of the International Chess Federation. He has released his main goals and themes of his campaign.

A CHAMPION OF CHANGE Anatoly Karpov Launches Global Campaign for FIDE President

After a lifetime dedicated to playing and promoting the game of chess, 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov is running for the office of President of the International Chess Federation. Below are the main goals and themes of his campaign.

  • A new direction requires new leadership International chess needs a new direction and this can only happen under new leadership. Mr. Karpov wants to lead a program of unity and positive change. His great experience as a chess champion and UNICEF Ambassador make him the ideal leader to return the sport to prominence on the global stage.
  • International support at every level Mr. Karpov’s status and dedication will allow him to be an agent for unity in the chess world. He has already attracted support worldwide as well as a leadership team and advisory panel of unmatched experience and international character.
  • Ending the crisis with a return to FIDE’s roots Chess is in crisis today because FIDE has become disconnected from its foundations: the federations and the players. Mr. Karpov believes that support for our new direction must come from below, to benefit the many, not from above to benefit the few.
  • Turn chess into a modern, professional sport Chess has great potential as a commercially viable sport. It has lagged in this development because the current FIDE administration has harmed the reputation of the sport and shown no interest or aptitude for modernization and professionalization. Mr. Karpov believes chess requires leadership that understands why professionalization is essential and how to build a team to achieve it.
  • The ability to unite and mobilize the community Chess has limitless potential and great resources among its millions of supporters and players around the world. Mr. Karpov has the unique capacity to attract and lead these human resources for the benefit of chess federations and players throughout the world.

  • UNITY. The FIDE motto Gens Una Sumus, “We are one family” must be taken seriously. This can be done by providing channels of communication and community among federations and players using modern technology and by keeping the FIDE leadership’s doors wide open to feedback and new ideas. FIDE cannot afford to once again ignore the needs of its members the day after the election.
  • TRANSPARENCY AND INTEGRITY. Without these elements there is no trust from potential business partners or from member federations and players. These crucial relationships cannot be built without new leadership at the top in FIDE.
  • RESPONSIVENESS. This campaign and Mr. Karpov’s administration will emphasize communication and responsiveness with the global chess community we serve. We want to know what the federations and their members want and need from FIDE and to create a continuous and open dialogue.
  • COMMERCIALIZATION AND SPONSORSHIP. Art, science, and sport, chess is also a hugely marketable commodity. FIDE’s current administration has failed to exploit this to the benefit of member federations and players. No one knows better than Mr. Karpov the great potential for chess as a professional sport. For nearly three decades he battled for the world championship in many of the world’s great capitals. FIDE must professionalize its operations in order to develop mutually beneficial ties with commercial sponsors around the world.
  • GRASSROOTS GROWTH AND CONNECTIVITY. The elite events we all enjoy cannot be sustained without growth and support from the grassroots in every corner of the globe. That worldwide involvement is our most precious resource and it has been squandered for too long by FIDE’s administration. The international federation’s resources should be put to work bringing member organizations and members together to better promote the game.

  • We have an ambitious agenda and we need your help to make it happen. Get involved! Individuals do not vote in the election, but you can make your voice heard to your federation to let them know why you think Anatoly Karpov should be the next FIDE President. Our official campaign website will launch in a few days and it is a great place to start:
    • See the directory to get in touch with your federation.
    • Contact our offices to share your thoughts on how we are doing and what you would like to see happen once Mr. Karpov is President.
    • We welcome your letters and support and encourage you to share our positive message as widely as you can with other players and organizers.
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