Karpov, Polgar out of Kings vs. Queens

Karpov, Polgar out of Kings vs. Queens

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SAINT LOUIS, September 8, 2011 -- Two players have withdrawn from the Kings vs. Queens tournament, which is scheduled to begin this week in Saint Louis. Former World Champion Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov and Grandmaster Judit Polgar are both unable to attend, and tournament organizers have restructured the two fields to maintain rating equality between the two teams. 

Karpov was unable to come due to political obligations while Polgar has advanced to the top eight in the World Cup.
Although it would be a great honor for Judit to play on the Queens team, said WGM Jennifer Shahade, this fantastic feat for women is an inspiration to the female trailblazers who are here like World 960 Womens Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk and reigning U.S. Womens Champion Anna Zatonskih. I think it will drive the womens team to fight even harder.
Polgar will be replaced by International Master Martha Fierro of Ecuador, the official alternate. To maintain rating equality, the Kings fifth board will be filled by young Saint Louis National Master Kevin Cao, making the average rating of both teams 2476.

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