Karpov v Kasparov update

Karpov v Kasparov update

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You may have heard that former World Chess Champions, and living legends, Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov are playing a rapid/blitz match for charity in Valencia, Spain.

Several anxious members (well, two anyway!) have asked when today's game is due to start.  Fear not, you haven't missed anything yet, because there isn't a game today (Monday 21 Sept).  Instead, the two K's are limbering up with separate simultaneous exhibitions.

The match will take place on the 22/23/24 Sept, with games starting at 7pm local time, which translates to 1pm in New York (you can work out the time in you area from the World Clock).

There will be two rapid games played on the 22nd, and another two on the 23rd (time control 25 mins plus 5 second increment).  On the 24th Sept they will play eight blitz games (5 mins plus 2 second increment).

The official site seems to promise live coverage, but we will have to see how the site copes with the huge amount of internet traffic about to come it way!

Game 1:  Karpov gets into time trouble and loses suddenly after 24 moves.

Game 2: Another win for Kasparov with 22.Nf6 being a crucial move!

See analysis of the games at TV !

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