Kasparov 3-1 Karpov

Kasparov 3-1 Karpov

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Garry Kasparov has taken an early lead with two convincing wins against his old adversary, Anatoly Karpov in their rapid/blitz match in Valencia.

The official site held up pretty well under the strain, with the moves being broadcast without many problems.  A lucky few managed to receive live audio commentary as well, and even video if you were really fortunate.

The first 2 games are below.  Commentary from David Pruess on the games is available for replay at TV.

Games 3 and 4 start tomorrow (Wed 23 Sept) at 7pm local time (6pm in the UK, 1pm EST in the US), with the live broadcast from the official site available here.


Game 3 - Karpov strikes back to take his first win of the match

Game 4 - Garry wins to take the rapid games 3-1.  Blitz games tomorrow, same time.

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