Kasparov is interested in a lot, including... football!

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In an interview today for German newspaper Frankfurter Algemeine Kasparov tells about his Chess Foundation, his attempts to get chess into schools and his problems with Vladimir Putin. What you wouldn't have read in other interviews: he's interested in many things, including... football!

It seems that you're interested in almost everything.

"Even in football. I've seen all the finals and semifinals of the World Championships since 1970."

Even the legendary semi-final in Mexico in 1970 between Germany and Italy? Since then you were only seven.

"4-3 for Italy in the extra time, after the Germans had equalized in the last minute by Schnellinger."

And please your final verdict, as a strategist of the Performing Arts: What was the best final?

"1986. A great finale. Phenomenal play. First 2-0 for Argentina, then 2-2. But then came a big strategic mistake by the Germans. Who was the coach? Beckenbauer?"

Yes. The German team did not wait for the extra time, the sought a decision.

"Yeah, that was the mistake. Too much adrenaline. They lost the sense of danger they were exposed to. And then came a magical moment, Maradona, and Burruchaga could run to the goal alone from the center line. Had the Germans remained solid, they would become World Champion."

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