Kasparov: "Kremlin obstructs book publication"

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How is Kasparov doing these days? Busy with his crusade against Putin and co, of course, but he hasn't made the headlines for a while. Which isn't really helping. He still hasn't left the chess scene completely; I saw he'll be doing a simultaneous display at the Wch for pensioners, where he might feel at home in a strange way. But now there's something rotten in Russia again; Kasparov accuses the Kremlin of obstructing the publication of the Russian translation of How Life Imitates Chess.

This book should have been presented at this month's Moscow International Book Fair but the publisher has announced there are "technical problems". Kasparov is convinced the Kremlin is behind this. "It is clear this is in Kremlin hands and the decision was taken under Kremlin pressure," Marina Litvinovich, a close advisor of Kasparov, told press agency AFP by phone.

The publisher acts the injured innocent and denies, but a twelve month delay is indeed a bit strange. Kasparov thinks Putin is behind it, depriving the former world champion of media attention in the period up to the elections.

The book is available in English, German, Dutch and Chinese but well, I guess the Russian people have to wait even longer.

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