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Of course you replayed Kasparov's?Ǭ†pretty games from the Credit Suisse blitz tournament, but did you also read the Kasparov interview on the Credit Suisse website??Ǭ†The first question was: "What do chess players and managers have in common?"

Kasparov was also asked if knowledge of opening theory would be of any use to a manager. He answered not without humor: "Es w?ɬ§re f?ɬºr einen Gesch?ɬ§ftsmann bestimmt kein Nachteil, die Najdorf-Variante in Sizilianisch ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú meine bevorzugte Verteidigung ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú zu kennen, aber es w?ɬºrde ihm vermutlich auch nicht viel weiterhelfen."?Ǭ†?Ǭ†

An interesting question, that wasn't asked unfortunately, is:?Ǭ†why is it that chess champions always want to interfere with things that have nothing to do with chess??Ǭ†They have this drive to prove themselves - in public - at other areas, but why?

Philidor seems to have been a true musician, and Donner really knew how to write, but often it's sheer poverty. The lowest low are of course Fischer's remarks about the International Jews and other conspiracies, but Kasparov too know his way,?Ǭ†witness the fact that in this article the thirteenth world champion minutely demonstrates that the classical antiquity's chronology is incorrect. I'm still hoping that the article ends up to be?Ǭ†hoax, because otherwise it's becoming quite difficult to take this guy seriously when it comes to non-chess matters.?Ǭ†Why is there not a single journalist that dares to ask Kasparov a critical question about this nonsense article?

Anand, Kramnik?Ǭ†and Topalov?Ǭ†are said to be 'colourless': they wouldn't advertise the game of chess enough in the media. This sounds like a reprimand, but would this be just? And who's making those reprimands? Not the chess players themselves - rather the managers who like to manage the game of chess.

On September 23rd in Elista the first move will be made in the Reunification Match between Topalov and Kramnik - undoubtedly the most interesting match since Kasparov and Kramnik in 2000.?Ǭ†Will there be a lot of media coverage? Perphaps, if one of those?Ǭ†two gentlemen says something spicy about some politically sensitive?Ǭ†subject. Otherwise not much I think.?Ǭ†And honestly speaking, I like it that way.

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