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Last week, Garry Kasparov was to be found behind a chess board again. In Pasching (Austria) and in Hluboka (Czech Republic) he played simultanious exhibitions and of the latter one we have some game fragments.

28th-29th March, Kasparov took part in the "Days of Chess" festival, held in a big shopping centre in Pasching, Austria. On Friday the 28th, it started with the two boxing world champions Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko showing their fondness of the game of chess. Garry Kasparov was then supposed to play Alfred Gusenbauer, but the Austrian Chancellor had to cancel on the last minute. Instead, Garry played one of the spectators (who must have felt the happiest man on earth).

On Saturday the 29th, Kasparov played a simul (32 boards) against Austrian chess fans. Judit Polgar played exhibition games against the Klitschko brothers and afterwards a handicap match with eight strongest Austrian juniors. A photo report can be found at the German Chessbase.

Already one day later, on March 30th, Kasparov was in Hluboka (Czech Republic) where he first played a single game against Martin Vacul?ɬ?k (2260), which was recorded. Afterwards he played a 26-board simul, which he won 26-0. Here are some fragments and two short video clips:

(Fragments thansk to Petr Herejk)



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