Kasparov versus Karpov Rematch!

Kasparov versus Karpov Rematch!

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No, it's not a badly timed April fool's joke.  Reliable reports state that retired former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov (pictured) is to play a 12-game match against his great rival Anatoly Karpov.

Before we get over-excited, it should be noted that the 12 games will comprise of 4 rapid games and 8 blitz games, apparently to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their first world championship match in 1984.

The match will take place in Valencia, Spain from 21-24 September.  The lifetime record between the two legends is 21 wins to Kasparov, 19 wins to Karpov and 104 draws.

The supposedly retired Kasparov is now 46 years old, and the semi-retired Karpov is 58.  They are apparently on good speaking terms these days, but we can be sure that they will still be fierce competitors over the board!

Perhaps Kasparov is hoping to gain some revenge for his loss to Karpov in their rapid match in New York in 2002 (see video)

Match announcement in the Spanish Press (in Spanish)
Confirmation of the match from Mig Greengard

Oh yes, Kasparov also met some guy called Barack Obama, but I'm not sure if he plays chess or not. Wink

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