Kazan Semis Go To The Wire

Kazan Semis Go To The Wire

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The third games of the Candidates semi-finals in Kazan produced one thrilling encounter that will live long in the memory, and one exemplary display of preparation from Kramnik.

Kamsky managed to surprise Gelfand in the Najdorf with the rare 8.h3 which for once put him ahead on the clock for most of the game.

Kamsky's plan was simple: castle queenside and attack on the kingside. Gelfand used up a lot of time, but kept finding good moves to stay in the game.

The advantage swayed back and forth, especially in mutual time-trouble, but when the dust settled Gelfand emerged with a slight advantage in a delicately balanced endgame.

Now it was Kamsky's turn to find accurate defensive moves, and a draw was agreed on move 54.

Gelfand ponders his response to 8. h3



Multiple cameras catch every moment of the time-trouble




Grischuk switched to 1.e4 in an effort to create more winning chances against Kramnik, but the solid Petroff was the former champion's response.

Kramnik's excellent preparation always seemed to keep him one step ahead, so despite a more determined Grischuk effort this time, in was all in vain.

Grischuk gets shut out again. Just how do you beat this Kramnik guy...?



Kramnik will have white tomorrow in the final game




The final games of the semi-final matches start tomorrow at the usual time of 3pm in Kazan (11:00 UTC, 07:00 Eastern).

Will anyone manage to break the deadlock before the lottery of rapid games arrives?  If one or both of the semi-final matches goes to tie-breaks will be covering all the excitement live on TV with GM Melik Khachiyan and Jason "The Poet" Stoneking.

 Live coverage is available at the official website, and great live video of the playing hall is available here (with Russian commentary).


Photos from the live webcam coverage at the official website.

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