Khamrakulov the strongest in Salou

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With a relatively short draw against Felix Levin today Ibragim Khamrakulov secured himself of the title in Salou. He was the only player with 7 points out of 8 games, and of the group of titled players that followed, nobody had 6,5! For myself, I shouldn't have lost against Levin in round 7, and didn't have much of a chance against Epishin afterwards. I can recommend the Salou tournament, als long as bit of noise during the game is no problem for you (cause the chatter of the people in the hall is the only negative aspect I could think of).

The next two days I'll be travelling via Girona and Rome to Sofia. There we'll make some great stuff for ChessVibes! Perhaps I'll post fragments of my games as well, like I used to do with Doggers-schaak. But I might feel a bit funny, writing and making videos about the 2700 guys and showing 2200 mistakes on the same site :-) By the way thanks for the nice comments; unfortunately I couldn't react on all.

By the way, my travel plans so far are here. If you're thinking about playing in some tournaments and/or have suggestions for tournaments in July and August, let me know and we might meet each other somewhere.

The tournament winner

Top final standings:

  1. Khamrakulov        7,5
2-4. Fedorchuk           7
  5. Levin              6,5

Full final standings here.

I was told by Se?ɬ±or Rodriguez, who did so much for this tournament (the website, the electronical boards, arbiter stuff entering games, you name it) that within a few days all games will be available in PGN on the tournament website.
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