Korchnoi scores, Wang Yue still on 100%

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In another great round in Amsterdam, Viktor Korchnoi scored the first win for Experience, against L'Ami. Wang Yue won his fifth consecutive game.

Perhaps the match between the Rising Stars and Experience was never going to be a real challenge, but still, every day many interesting games are played. Still, as in previous years, the number of Dutch chess fans is not very high. The specific atmosphere seems to be a certain treshold for some, but I'd certainly give it a try if I were you.

The ones who did show up, were entertained by commentator GM Loek van Wely on both Saturday and Sunday. And yesterday they could witness the first win by the Experience team, as Korchnoi was playing an excellent game against L'Ami.

Before that, Jussupow, who was probably dying to get rid of the zero in the table, drew with Stellwagen in a mere 15 moves. Ljubojevic became victim of his intuition, which, in his own words, "isn't what it used to be". The tactics favoured Black, and Cheparinov won again.

But it's Wang Yue who's performing the best for the Rising Stars: he has won all of his five games. As we already saw in Sochi, the Chinese grandmaster likes to play slightly better endings and he manages to reach them quite often too! Yesterday, Bareev was his victim.

The score is now 19-6 for the Rising Stars team:

Rising Stars
1. Wang Yue g CHN 2704 5
2. Cheparinov, Ivan g BUL 2687 4?Ǭ?
3. Caruana, Fabiano g ITA 2630 3?Ǭ?
4. Stellwagen, Dani?ɬ´l g NED 2616 3?Ǭ?
5. L'Ami, Erwin g NED 2610 2?Ǭ?
Total 19
1. Agdestein, Simen g NOR 2583 2
2. Ljubojevic, Ljubomir g SRB 2555 1?Ǭ?
3. Bareev, Evgeny g RUS 2655 1
4. Korchnoi, Viktor g SUI 2602 1
5. Jussupow, Artur g GER 2587 ?Ǭ?
Total 6

Here are the games of the fifth round:


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