Kramnik plays Werle & Sebag

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This afternoon, at 14:00 CET, in Enschede, the Netherlands a special event takes place: in a simultaneous exhibition, former world champion Vladimir Kramnik plays IGM Jan Werle & WGM Marie Sebag.

What is this?? we hear you think. A simul for two participants? Well, not the weakest ones. Jan Werle is a promising, 24-year-old Dutch grandmaster (2581) with a solid playing style - quite similar to that of Kramnik, whom he considers his idol. Marie Sebag is a 21-year old Fran?ɬßaise who holds the WGM and IM titles. She is one of the most talented female chess players and is currently the world's no. 8 with a rating of 2521.

The match takes place in the new office of DGT (Digital Game Technology), and starts at 14:00 CET. Well-known arbiter Geurt Gijssen will referee and IGM Yasser Seirawan will do live commenting.

Foidos Not a bad idea, to promote a new piece of software like this. Because that's what it is of course: a pr stunt by DGT Projects, the company famous for their digital chess clocks and boards that make live coverage of chess tournaments possible. DGT will be testing their new showpiece: the internet system Foidos, for the first time live. A promising piece of software which seems to turn online chess into a completely new experience:

"With Foidos, the internet user will be able to watch all aspects of a chess game. Not just the moves, but close-ups of the player's faces, comments by a Grandmaster and integrated computer analysis of the position are transmitted with this revolutionary software. During the game windows can be opened to witness the commentary by top level GM's. Currently chess lovers have to visit a tournament for this experience. Now it will become accessible on the World Wide Web. Options to open a chat channel that connects the viewer with the commentator are built into the Foidos system. The user will also be able to link the games from a Foidos presentation to a chess playing program for further analysis."

In December I met with CEO of DGT Albert Vasse in Dresden and he showed me a prototype of Foidos on his laptop. It looked impressive: lots of different with a chess position, camera positions, and a chat function, which can be dragged everywhere by the user. The idea is that it will be possible to follow the match Anand-Kramnik via Foidos.

What do you do when you're that ambitious? You test your system, and not just behind closed doors, no, you create a nice event around it. This afternoon is the world premi?ɬ®re of Foidos, and it can be followed here at the DGT website or also at the Foidos website. ChessVibes will be present in Enschede today, so more news will follow.
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