Krasenkow and Spoelman lead after 6th round Hilversum

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Krasenkow and Spoelman on 5/6After six rounds, Wouter Spoelman has managed to keep his lead at the Intomart GfK Open in Hilversum, The Netherlands. However, the Dutch GM is now sharing first place with GM Michal Krasenkow from Poland. The two, who collected 5 points, are chased by four players with half a point less.

The 4th Intomart GfK (Hilversum) Open takes place June 27th - July 5th in Hotel Lapershoek, Hilversum, the Netherlands. The tournament has a total number of 130 participants with 46 playing in the top group (10 GMs and 5 IMs).

After our big pictorial report, about rounds 1-3, it's time for a small update. Round 4 saw many draws on the top boards and this might have been somehow connected to the fact that in this round all GMs played against each other!

The first decisive game was seen on board 5, where experienced Dutch GM Nijboer defeated rising star GM Anish Giri. Due to this victory, with the black pieces, Nijboer caught Spoelman in the standings. So did another Dutch player, IM Willy Hendriks, by beating IM Anna Zatonskih.

However, after the fifth round Spoelman was back in sole lead again. He beat Hendriks with White while Nijboer drew with Reinderman. After the game the two grandmasters from Amsterdam discovered that Black's combination, with which he won a pawn, had been incorrect and White (Nijboer) could have won a full piece somewhere.

Yesterday Spoelman held the draw against Fridman, which allowed Krasenkow to join him in the standings. The Polish grandmaster beat Nijboer, who for this game went back to his old love, the King's Indian. Black seemed to be doing fine after the opening, but suddenly in a few moves it was all over.

Unfortunately in the game viewer we have to do without the 5th round. The games are still not available in PGN at the tournament website - in fact a link in big lettters is saying that the PGN is available here at ChessVibes, but of course we also have to rely on the tournament organizers as a first source... Fortunately rounds 4 and 6 were still available from the live games.

Update: an unfortunate note on the tournament website mentions Anish Giri is ill and cannot play his round 7 game against Fridman.

Update 2: Round 5 games now also available.

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