Kuljašević and Kožul win in Rijeka

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The 5th Open "Mediterranean 2017" had 13 GMs among 97 participants. Most players were from Croatia and other Balkan countries, plus a few from elsewhere including IM Kenny Solomon travelling all the way from South Africa. Second and third seeds Kožul and Kuljašević from Croatia won the event, while Bosnian rating favorite Borki Predojević conceded too many draws. Kuljašević was leading for most of the event but lost in round 7 against Kožul in just 14 moves. In the next round, Kožul had to save a draw from a difficult position against fellow GM Martinović which allowed Kuljašević to regain shared first place. Both were happy with short draws in the final round, and no one from the chasing group could catch up.

The event was further characterized by many upsets in the early rounds, and frequent short draws between GMs – possibly because they know each other rather well?

Small selection of games

PGN file

Round 9 (final) standings (top 30)

1GMKuljašević DavorinCRO25607.043.054.562634
2GMKožul ZdenkoCRO25777.042.554.052641
3GMMartinović SašaCRO25046.541.553.052508
4GMPredojević BorkiBIH26426.541.553.042539
5GMŠarić AnteCRO24976.541.552.552525
6IMDorić DarkoCRO25046.541.552.042543
7GMNevednichy VladislavROU25436.540.051.542535
8GMTratar MarkoSLO24956.538.549.052475
9GMJovanić OgnjenCRO24766.538.049.552449
10GMHaznedaroglu KivancTUR24266.041.553.542526
11GMCvitan OgnjenCRO25236.041.052.042505
12IMŽufić MiroslavCRO24096.039.550.052466
13GMLazić MiroljubSRB24596.039.049.042433
14GMBaron TalISR25046.038.048.052403
15IMŠale SrđanCRO23866.037.046.052410
16 Šutković DamirBIH23396.035.546.562310
17IMKanmazalp OgulcanTUR24016.035.545.052308
18IMBattaglini GabrielFRA24236.033.043.562288
19IMLončar RobertCRO24156.033.043.542279
20IMSolomon KennyRSA24265.539.048.042396
21IMSolomunovic IgorGER24205.538.549.552386
22 Krklješ SlavenCRO21715.538.548.542327
23GMBerescu Alin-MileROU25015.538.049.042338
24IMBrumen DinkoCRO23455.537.048.052311
25IMDimitrov PavelBUL23535.537.046.542306
26IMDumpor AtifBIH23735.535.044.042198
27 Angelov ZvetomirBUL21225.534.543.052217
28FMRameša DavorCRO23025.534.043.552218
29 Blažeka MatejCRO21935.533.543.542117
30WGMIonica Iulia-IonelaROU22015.533.542.542214


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