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Hereby the last series of videos. There's much to enjoy again, like artistic reporting, classical flagging, Smerdon who just drops a bishop in one game and murderously wins the next, Lammens' energy and of course the tournament's apotheosis: Vissertje-Van der Weide. Oh no, that was afterwards, of course I mean Peelen-Smerdon.

Round 10: Bosboom-Peelen & Reinderman-Smerdon

First board 2 and then board 1 of the tenth round.

Round 11: Reinderman-Bosboom

At attempt to report artistically, I must have thought during this game. All kinds of questionable close-ups of faces and trembling legs... Anyway, it's funny when all the pieces that were captured by Reinderman, are suddenly in the way, and then he decides to put them on the floor!

Round 12: Van den Doel-Reinderman

Black somewhere grabs a piece, and White continues to fight till the bitter end, as is normal in blitz. By the way, does anybody know if it's, stricktly speaking, allowed to take Van den Doel's rook the way Reinderman did (with both hands)?

Round 12: Van der Weide-Peelen

A classical piece of flagging.

Round 14: Bosboom-Solleveld

A typical Bosboomian exchange sac on h5 but this time it doesn't mean a typical Bosboomian win.

Round 15: Jonkman-Smerdon

Not the best game by the tournament winner. The way he drops his bishop, well, you and I wouldn't have done it better! David is tough for a long while, until he goes for a self-mate.

Round 16: Smerdon-Clijssen

The full game. And a murderous one by the White player. Was it because Black was having a white beer during the game? Probably not.

Round 16: Lammens-Van Delft

At the end, White makes his moves while moving his whole body. He must have waisted some energy that day.

Round 17: Peelen-Smerdon

The decisive game. A draw was enough for Smerdon; Peelen had to win to allow Bosboom to become shared first. White plays an excellent game till he's totally winning, but he uses a lot of time. In the rook ending with three pawns down, Smerdon is the quickest. A minor flaw of the tournament winner was when he hit Peelen's rook, which was lying down for two more moves, and then he hit the clock with a gesture like ?¢‚ǨÀúyou should put that rook back up'. But even without this small intermezzo Peelen wouldn't have made it, I think.

The aftermat(c)h

?¢‚ǨÀúAnd the fun wasn't over yet'. Henk-Jan Visser and Karel van der Weide would have continued even longer if they could.

Finally, I'd like to thank everybody once more. Thanks to you guys the tournament was wonderful and the videos are wonderful!
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