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Lego Chess Set
Combining Lego with chess is almost too much awesomeness for regular folks to handle. This is one of the coolest models that Lego has put together in a long time. According to the Lego website:

  • Includes 31 minifigures, 2 giant trolls, 2 horses, 2 skeleton horses and 2 dragon heads!
  • Minifigures are ready for battle with armor, swords, shields, and other cool accessories!
  • It’s a battle of good dwarves and knights vs. evil trolls and skeletons!
  • Build the 4 realms in the corners of the chess board - the skeleton realm, troll realm, dwarf realm and castle realm!
  • Measures 17″ (43cm) squared!
  • As you might imagine, a Lego chess set like this one does not come cheaply. You will be paying approximately $300, a lot of money for something that you have to build yourself; but that is part of the attraction. With 2481 pieces, it is going to take a while to build.