Leko v Carlsen Day 3

Leko v Carlsen Day 3

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Magnus pushed to the brink

A characteristic of all the great chess champions is their ability to hang on in worse positions and save games that appear lost.  Magnus Carlsen seems to have already developed this priceless skill at the tender age of 17.

For the second time in the match, Peter Leko looked set to win with the White pieces, but once again the Norwegian boy wonder saved the day -  this time with some excellent endgame play - and game 5 ended in a draw.  If Leko plays 1.e4 in his last game as White will Magnus try the Dragon yet again?!

In game 6, Magnus switched to 1.d4 and played a Catalan.  However, it seems he has some way to go to match the peerless skill of Vladimir Kramnik in this opening.  His pawn sacrifice led to nothing, but opposite coloured bishops helped ensure a draw.

Going into the final day, Carlsen holds a slender lead, 3.5 - 2.5.







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