Leko wins 3rd title in Dortmund (update with video)

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Peter Leko won his 3rd title in Dortmund today. He drew his game against Naiditsch, and not long afterwards his pursuers Nepomniachtchi and Gustafsson did the same. Update with interview Leko.

And so it was the solid but powerfull chess of Peter Leko that decided the tournament. He won his Sparkassen title for the third time, while it's "normally" Vladimir Kramnik who ends first. But of course the Hungarian also managed to stay ahead Vassily Ivanchuk, who has shown great form in the last couple of months. Leko beat him in their individual game, which turned out to be crucial for the tournament. Below the games you'll find a lengthy video interview with the tournament winner.

Ivanchuk eventually fought himself to a second place, by Kramnik in the last round. The Ukrainian shares the spot with Mamedyarov, Nepomniachtchi and Gustafsson - the four of them ended on "plus one".

Naiditsch played OK as well and his fifty percent is fine in this field. And of course his win against Kramnik is enough to remember this tournament with a smile. Talking about Kramnik - the Russian just had a very disappointing tournament. Whenever he made the news it was in a negative way, and both his losses were in his beloved Petroff Defence. This must give Anand a small boost.

And then there's Loek van Wely, who scored just two half points in seven games. Just before I left Dortmund, I said to him: "Well, just forget about this tournament as soon as you can." He replied: "Why?" Throughout the weekend, the Dutchman was in quite a good mood and of course this is because he just knows that these kind of tournaments are inevitable with his uncompromising playing style. Surely he'll be back, kicking some ass soon in a new tournament! (Replay the games in a separa window)

[TABLE=313] [TABLE=324]

leko_naiditsch Leko-Naiditsch

nepo_gusti Nepomniachtchi-Gustafsson

ivanchuk_kramnik Ivanchuk-Kramnik

loek_mame Van Wely-Mamedyarov


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