Leonard Barden Chess Column Axed

Leonard Barden Chess Column Axed

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In the mass media of newsprint, chess often struggles in Western countries to achieve even a cursory mention.

80-year old chess legend Leonard Barden has been writing chess columns in the UK for over 50 years.  Now, his daily column for the London Evening Standard has been removed from the newspaper, and survives only in the online edition.

All publicity for chess is invaluable.  A casual reader flicking through the LES on the train journey home in the evening may happen upon the chess column.  The online-only version will not attract such an audience.

British chess players and fans are drumming up support for a protest campaign aimed at the LES, to re-instate the column.

If you would like to lend your voice to the choir, you can email the editor Georgie Greig at "" or write to the Evening Standard, PO Box 2309, London W8 5EE and tell them why you think they should keep their chess column in print.

Fortunately for UK chess fans, Barden's weekly column in the Guardian is still going strong, in print and now also online, after 54 years!

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