Linares 'live' (or not) - 4 draws

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The eighth round has been going on now for a while. Like the Mexicans two weeks ago, the Spaniards in Linares are having trouble as well broadcasting the moves live to the world. With the help of ICC and ChessPro I can present you at least some moves. (Refresh this page to stay up-to-date). One game is actually already finished: Aronian-Svidler. Guess three times which result.

Update: Unfortunately Anand-Topalov has ended in a draw rather quick too. Perhaps there are still signs of a jetlag in their bodies.

Update 2: The other two games have ended peacefully as well. They lasted a bit longer but nothing special happened there either. Morozevich-Carlsen was the most interesting game. No, round 6 was definitely the least so far.

Standings after round 8:

 1-2. Anand, Carlsen       5
   3. Ivanchuk            4,5     
 4-5. Aronian, Svidler     4
 6-7. Leko, Topalov       3,5
   8. Morozevich          2,5

Hopefully tomorrow the live games will be OK on the official site. I won't be able to provide the service like I did today, since I have to play a game myself, for the Dutch league!

By the way, I can announce some nice stuff. Macauley Peterson, who's working for ICC in Linares, took the Chessvibes camera with him and will try to provide daily videos. And tomorrow another team member will be present in Groningen (also with a camera!), where the top match in the Dutch league Share Dimension-HSG will be played. No one less than world champion Kramnik will make his debut for the Groningen team! So, some great stuff in the near future overe here.
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