Linex-Magic and Monte Carlo win the European Club Cup

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With a convincing 4-2 win over Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov, Linex-Magic has won the European Club Cup yesterday. In the final match Kamsky, Rublevsky and Cheparinov scored important victories against Alekseev, Tiviakov and Roiz repectively. The team from M?ɬ©rida (Spain) won the tournament with 13 points out of 7 matches. Second finished Ural Sverdlovskaya and shared third were Tomsk-400 and OSC Baden-Baden. In the women's section, Cercle d'Echecs de Monte-Carlo only needed to score one game point to grab the cup and that was exactly what they did: a surprising last-round loss (1-3) against AVS Krasnoturinsk was just enough. Update: game selection 7th round added!

Personal top scores The winning team consisted of Gata Kamsky (3/7), Michael Adams (4?Ǭ?), Sergey Rublevsky (5?Ǭ?), Gabriel Sargissian (4?Ǭ?), Ivan Cheparinov (6) and Manuel Perez Candelario (5). On board one, Krishnan Sasikiran had the best tournament of all with a 85,7% score (6/7, a performance rating of 2806). Alexei Shirov scored the highest performance rating (2875). Shakhryiar Mamedyarov, Pavel Eljanov, Peter Svidler and Sergei Rublevsky also scored performances above 2800. Humpy Koneru, who passed the 2600 mark on the October FIDE rating list, continues her fantastic year with an amazing 6,5 out of 7 and a 2800 performance in the women's section. Something I think hasn't been done before by anyone else than the world's no. 1, Judit Polgar.

Game selection 7th round:

Here a video by the organization with an interview with Anand:

Some last-round photos:

The winning team

Part of the other winning team, with Humpy Koneru and Pia Cramling

Etienne Bacrot and Pentala Harikrishna (OSC Baden-Baden)

In great form: Alexei Shirov (Ural Sverdlovskaya)

Anna Sharevich (USV Volksbank Halle)

Hou Yifan (Southern Ural Cheliabinsk)

Marlies Bensdorp (Utrecht)

23rd European Club Cup 2007 | Kemer, Turkey Final ranking (top 25)


Full final standings here.

12th European Club Cup (Women) 2007 | Kemer, Turkey

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