Linex-Magic retains national title

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After they recently won the European Club Cup in Kemer, the Spanish top team Linex-Magic also prolonged their status as Spanish national champion this weekend. In Calvia (on the island of Mallorca) they beat Intel - Tiendas UPI in the semis and Cuna de Dragones in the final. This was the same final as last year. Like in Turkey, Linex-Magic's big hero was Ivan Cheparinov.

In the final against the team from M?ɬ©rida only one game was decisive and this made Ivan Cheparinov the match winner thanks to his victory over Ibrahim Khamrakulov.

The final phase of the Spanish team championship was part of a big chess festival in Calvia. Three years ago the 36th Chess Olympiad generated a lot of attention for the game of chess there on the Mallorca island and this year the sponsors made it possible to organize the fourth festival. It all started two weeks ago with an open amateur tournament and two youth events and on Monday last week a big international open started with players such as Paco Vallejo, Emanuel Berg and Kevin Spraggett. Eventually it was the Israeli GM Victor Mikhalevski who left the tournament as the winner, after an amazing 8 out of 9 (7 out of 7 and then two draws). There was also a veterans tournament (won by Sveshnikov) and daily blitz events. They sure understand chess there in Calvia.

Results of the Final Campeonato de Espa?ɬ±a por Equipos:


Linex Magic 3,5-2,5 Tiendas UPI

Alexei Shirov        1/2    Vasily Ivanchuk 
Michael Adams        0-1    Alexander Grischuk 
Sergei Rublevsky     1-0    Etienne Bacrot 
Gabriel Sargissian   0-1    Paco Vallejo 
Iv?ɬ°n Cheparinov      1-0    Sergey Tiviakov 
M. P?ɬ©rez Candelario  1-0    Enrique Rodr?ɬ?guez

Iretza - Gros 2-4 Cuna de Dragones
Vadim Milov          1/2    Alexander Jakovenko 
Alexander Tkachiev   0-1    Evgeny Alekseev 
Christian Bauer      1-0    Alexander Timofeev 
Roberto Cifuentes    0-1    Victor Bologan 
Alberto Andr?ɬ©s       0-1    Ibrahim Khamrakulov 
?É??ɬ±igo Argando?ɬ±a      1/2    Miguel Llanes


Cuna de Dragones 2,5-3,5 Linex Magic
Alexander Jakovenko  1/2   Alexei Shirov 
Evgeny Alekseev      1/2   Michael Adams 
Alexander Timofeev   1/2   Sergei Rublevsky 
Victor Bologan       1/2   Gabriel Sargissian 
Ibrahim Khamrakulov  0-1   Ivan Cheparinov 
Miguel Llanes        1/2   Manuel P?ɬ©rez Candelario

3rd/4th place:

Tiendas UPI          4-2   Iretza - Gros
Alexander Grischuk   1/2   Vadim Milov 
Etienne Bacrot       1/2   Alexander Tkachiev 
Paco Vallejo         1-0   Christian Bauer 
Baadur Jobava        1/2   Roberto Cifuentes 
Sergey Tiviakov      1-0   Alberto Andr?ɬ©s 
Enrique Rodr?ɬ?guez    1/2   ?É??ɬ±igo Argando?ɬ±a

The final

The winning team, on the photo without Ivanchuk because on Sunday he played for his club Remagen in de Bundesliga (a draw against Navara).

Star player Ivan Cheparinov
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