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Hello, again Live, from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center Saint Louis, CCSCSL. You can as always tune in to the live broadcast at the

Final Update: Krush loses to Jaan Ehlvest

Only game left to wrap is IM Irina Krush and GM Jaan Elvhest playing on late into the evening in a 6 hour slug fest. Rest of the games are posted below. Thanks for reading. Friday is the off day for the players, (and myself) So see you Saturday!

Board One Result: Shulman falls to Onischuk, Onischuk still has a tough road ahead of him.

Kamsky defeats former US Champion Joel Benjamin

Sevillano defeats GM Kaidanov on Board 6.

Here's my game of the day featuring IM Michael Brooks (from Missouri, a state that's never had a grand master) and 14 year old Ray Robson. Enjoy this one, I did!

Result: Gulko wins! No, not really, I just wanted to write that. Gulk plays to a draw.

Results: Board 10, Sam Shankland falls to second youngest player Tyler Hughes.

Results: FM Ekert falls to GM Christiansen, no surprises here as Doug Ekert has said he's pretty much here to have fun and play some talented chess players with no expectations of any wins.

Results: Hess defeats Friedel, continuing his rampage here in Saint Louis.

Results: Ibragimov defeats Khachiyan.

Results: Nakamura maintains his chances to stay in the running today with a victory in Round 7. Regarding the h4 variation of the French Nakamura replied “h4, Kasparov played it so it must work…”

Results: Sadly local hero Charles Lawton has lost again. This time to GM Becerra. Lawton was pretty much doomed out of the gates.

Tourney Update: Ray Robson said yesterday in an interview that he is playing this tournament for a GM-Norm. The 14 year old is receiving coaching by GM Onischuk. Today Robson faces off against Kansas City's IM Brooks who has been playing very well despite the tough competition. Robson's performance rating is strong as he heads into the final rounds.

Tourney Udpate: Well I just walked all the players walk in the front door of the club. It's a beautiful day in Saint Louis, the weather is perfect, the players looked in good spirits and there's going to be some really great chess here today. I'm excited for Irina Krush who may make progress towards a GM - Norm in the tournament moving her closer to a Grand Master title. Young Ray Robson and Tyler Hughes are also poised to make progress towards the title. Good luck to all!

The leader board is cluttered, but the games have begun!

Check out the new Chess Diary videos I shoot, edit, graphic. Interviews by the ICC's John Henderson, photos by the tournament's official photographer Betsy Dynako. Premier Linkage! Right here on Enjoy :)


Everyone was really glad to see Anna Zatonskih back at the club after withdrawing due to illness.

Zatonskih returns

GM Nakamura said he was trying to cool aggressive style and went for the draw yesterday.

Nakamura after his draw in round 6

IM Krush

Krush after her win aiming for the GM title

GM-Elect Robert Hess

Kamsky and Sutovsky, are hanging out at the club pretty early this morning. I'll try and grab a photo of the two GM's. Sutovsky is the live commentator along with WGM Jennifer Shahade, and also Kamsky's "second" and training partner. They just took off to "go training." Kamsky's performance has been kind of weak thus far so he'll have to battle for wins to finish at the top of the board.

Anyhoo. I'll keep updating, but the pairings look like fun today. All the players are contractually obligated to remain in the tournament. The last place finisher wins $2,000. Not bad for 10 days of work and all expenses paid.

Below are the pairings

1.    GM Yury Shulman (4½)    2697    -    GM Alexander Onischuk (4)    2736
2.    GM Hikaru Nakamura (4)    2757    -    GM Varuzhan Akobian (4½)    2664
3.    GM Joel Benjamin (4)    2650    -    GM Gata Kamsky (4)    2798
4.    GM Joshua Friedel (4)    2568    -    IM Robert Hess (4)    2545
5.    IM Enrico Sevillano (3)    2549    -    GM Gregory Kaidanov (3½)    2662
6.    IM Ray Robson (3½)    2542    -    IM Michael Brooks (3)    2419
7.    GM Jaan Ehlvest (3)    2649    -    IM Irina Krush (3)    2496
8.    GM Ildar Ibragimov (2½)    2628    -    GM Melikset Khachiyan (2½)    2632
9.    GM Boris Gulko (2½)    2631    -    GM Alexander Shabalov (2½)    2620
10.    IM Samuel Shankland (2½)    2464    -    Tyler Hughes (2)    2293
11.    FM Doug Eckert (1)    2278    -    GM Larry Christiansen (2)    2681
12.    GM Julio Becerra (2)    2672    -    Charles Lawton (0)    2350

I noticed a new feature on their site today, it's pretty neat, they added a new game table for each round featuring the pgn's and the opening title. I like it. Check it out

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