Live Chess Tournament

Live Chess Tournament

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Everyone Here there will be a big tournement in live chess on the Friday of 20th March, These are very rare tournements because they can only be lead by me drahnev , and these other people, Kiesh2, Linwoodmike, Meb0135, and anyone else of the staff and help members like Eric,Kohai, Sonofpearl, and Wyfler.


How to do a Live Chess Tournement for people who don't know how:

First you need to figure out how many people you will make a tournement with (examples are 4-100 people are only available but 100 people never happened only 20 people but Staff and help Members are trying to make a 50 -100 people or more people one. Then you need to get your people first make a private chat with one person that wants to play in tounrement in live chess then you make group chat that the other people can join  your chat and so then you could  you can start posting pairings so they can see them and the results. Lastly you then organize your people so you know their names and then your know their pairings and *********REMINDIER**********their can only be a one Tournemnent Director and 5 Assistant Tournement director which tells people to join