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Van Wely-Radjabov (1)And off we go! The first moves have been played and can be followed here. While editors peter and forest already did useful camera work, they now have to make moves of their own in the Weekend matches. Meanwhile, the live reports on Chessvibes will of course continue. Laptop plugged in in the press room, seated next to the experts themselves, this should be possible. Last news from the experts is that Tiviakov is, if anything, worse after fourteen moves, and that Van Wely maybe has prepared something beautiful. (Yesterday he told us that he has done some special preparation for this tournament.) Well, it's always easy when you don't have to make the moves yourself. Later on, a more sophisticated judgement will no doubt be made.

update 15.53h After a promising start, many games from the A-group are now ending in a draw. The first bets about who would make the first draw (Tiviakov) are won already. The ending of Karjakin and Kramnik looked interesting, but apparently it wasn't. From the post mortems of Shirov-Svidler and Navara-Aronian, which were conducted in Russian, could be extracted that a lot of theory was being played. Later hopefully some images of these analysis.Anand didn't analyse with Ponomariov, and Kramnik and Karjakin, too, were short about it. Tiviakov was surprised in the opening and after that he was content with half a point.

update 16.36h The most spectacular victory so far is by Negi, who wiped Spoelman off the board in group C. The tension is also very big with Van Wely-Radjabov. Just watch all those e-pawns! This tension is also felt by Marion van Wely, who stands on the sideline biting her nails. Rybka thinks Black is better after 28 moves, and the assembled masters and grandmasters in the press room also fear for Loeks life. By the way, there is a seagull on the roof of the playing hall, which can be heared quite clearly. Aronian, already finished himself, just looked up in an amused way, and more players seem to have noticed the bird.

update 17.24h Van Wely didn't make it against Radjabov, who now has the only win of the A-group.
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