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Last update: 21.06 CET

Again a top match is on the program today, in the seventh round, that has started. Naturally we're talking about Anand-Radjabov, a Sveshnikov that for 22 moves followed other games. The theoretical novelty is 22...Qg5, where 22...Qd8 was played in a Karjakin (with White) game in 1998. 22...Be6 was Kasparov's choice in the same year in his game against Topalov, in Leon, where computer help was allowed. By the way we're managed to put online some images of the start of the round already.

Tiviakov played his beloved Alapin against Karjakin's Sicilian, and the young Ukranian opted for a solid set-up. Topalov seems inspired by Radjabov (or by the opening?) and also played a King's Indian; Ponomariov follows Navara with the Bg5 variation. This game to saw a quick transposition to a Benoni. Just like most sane people, Carlsen declines Svidler's Marshall and does it with 8.a3. Aronian-Kramnik seems lijkt on of the games from the world championship match (but isn't, I think) and will probably be a quick draw. Navara-Van Wely will be great fun, with yet another surprising opening move by the Czech: 6.h3 against Loek's Najdorf (when 6...g6 7.g4!? followed). And finally Shirov, he won't loose today against Motylev's Petroff Defence.

Here some fragments of an hour ago:

Update 16.08 CET: In Tiviakov-Karjakin suddenly many pieces were exchanged, after which nothing was left to play for. Alas, these kind of games happen once in a while. Pono-Topa is becoming sharper and sharper; first White managed to weaken Black's kingside position and then, on that same wing, Black also seems to get attacking chances. Carlsen is in trouble: Svidler has a healthy extra pawn. Anand doesn't seem to be influenced at all by his loss of yesterday and managed to reach White's dream in the Svesh: knight vs. bad black-squared bishop. Aronian's tiny plus will lead to nowhere and also Shirov-Motylev can end in a draw at any moment now. Navara-Van Wely has reached an ending where White is slightly better.

Update 17.59 CET: Radjabov is still playing superb and managed to draw Anand. After a tactical squimish the complete queenside disappeared, when Black's bishop turned out to be doing quite okay defending Black's only weakness. Aronian-Kramnik went like we expected and Topalov is gonna win against Ponomariov; 28.Bf4 led to problems already and it only got worse for White. When I was looking at it with Rybka, suddenly someone touched my mouse; it appeared to be a happy Danailov. Svidler kept his extra pawn and converted it in a queen ending. Navara won a pawn against Loek and it's still not clear whether the Dutchman will draw. Shirov wants to win of course but it seems impossible in another rook ending

Update 21.06 CET:Carlsen didn't want to see how Svidler would keep on improving his position on the kingside and decided to resign, Van Wely tried hard but could not manage to draw which brings Navarra back to plus one. On Saturdays there are no press conferences, however we give you a part of the analysis between Aronian and Anand.
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