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OK, it was a rest day, but this didn't mean there wasn't any chess. Under a bright shining sun, a living chess show took place today, in which an old game Smyslov-Reshevsky was brought to life, in the middle of one of Linares's streets.

I still owe you some videos from round 10, but the internet connection in hotel Anibal is so dramatic, that I've hardly been able to upload anything. Tomorrow I'll be back in the venue's press room, where things will be better.

Luckily, uploading photos was possible. And what a coincidence: I had been shooting some nice ones today! The living chess event was quite a show, played by children between six and fourteen years old (members of a theater school in X?ɬ†bia). They were not only (re)playing a game of chess, no, they were telling the complete history of the development of (Olympic) sports throughout history, from the stone age till the 21st century.

Below there's the game that was used for the show. Reshevsky resigned after Smyslov's 41st move, but in Linares they played on until mate.

overview2 Living chess in the middle of the street; an event that attracted approximately two hundred spectators.

vishyaruna Two of them we know.

facetoface The children were wearing beatiful outfits.

blackpieces Here for example we see some Black pieces at the kingside. Pawn f7 is eager to play today.

strongpawn "I want to reach at least the third rank today!"

blackpawn Does pawn g7 already suspect that he'll be the only black piece that won't make a move in this game?

angrypawn Indeed, it's serious business for that normally weakish pawn f7!

blackrook Always wanted to know what it's like to be a rook?

whiterook To have to walk straight all the time?

2rooks In this game they're hanging out together.

blackqueen The Black queen seems to await her chances.

whitequeen Her White colleague doesn't seem to be too happy, but hey, in this game she's actually not needed to capture the Black king.

ballet This black pawn shows some impressive gymnastics.

blackpawn2 This black pawn wasn't so active, but he sure looks menacing.

tennis Indeed Magnus: even chess pieces like a game of tennis every now and then.

takeme Are you sure you want to take me?

dance Well, not before we do a little dance!

juan_rentero2 The moves were called by Luis Rentero Suares, the famous ex-tournament director, and the young chess player from Linares Jos?ɬ© Carlos Fern?ɬ°ndez.

leontxo While Spain's most famous chess journalist Leontxio Garcia served as a host and narrator.

einde Here too, the (Olympic) motto was: participating is more important than winning.

ian Afterwards, journalist GM Ian Rogers couldn't resist...
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