London Chess Classic Round 4

London Chess Classic Round 4

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London_Chess_Classic_2009.jpgIt was another day of fierce competition at the London Chess Classic in front of a full house of spectators, but for the first time there were no decisive results. 

Hikaru Nakamura put up a strong showing against leader Magnus Carlsen with the black pieces, with the Norwegian being the one forced to find refuge in perpetual check to earn a draw.

Vladimir Kramnik won a pawn against Michael Adams, but he couldn't find a way to turn his advantage into a win.  Likewise, Nigel Short failed to convert a pawn advantage in a strange game which saw Ni Hua's king on the third rank by move 15!

Luke McShane and David Howell also split the point (or actually received a full point each thanks to the soccer-style scoring system!) after an interesting game.

Carlsen feels the heat against Nakamura (all pictures courtesy of John Saunders at the official site)



Kramnik and Adams prepare to do battle as the photographers take some final close-up shots



A full house of 400 spectators in the Olympia Conference Centre auditorium enjoyed the show 





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