London Classic v The World On Twitter

London Classic v The World On Twitter

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London Chess Classic 2011.jpgPress Release: London Chess Classic 2011

The opening press conference took place at 14.00 UK time, 9.00am EST on Friday 2nd December in the Olympia Conference Centre.

Heading the line-up is the '2800 Club' which includes World Champion, Viswanathan Anand from India, Magnus Carlsen from Norway, Levon Aronian from Armenia and former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik from Russia.

Completing the field are former US Champion Hikaru Nakamura, Michael Adams, Nigel Short and Britain's two most promising young grandmasters, Luke McShane and David Howell, who like Carlsen will be just 21 at the start of the tournament.

Following immediately after the press conference, the highest level game of chess ever played on Twitter launched the 3rd London Chess Classic at Olympia. All nine Classic players took it in turn to make moves against the 'Rest of the World' in a highly entertaining but short game.


Vishy Anand, organiser Malcolm Pein, and Magnus Carlsen

LCC 2011 opening Anand_Carlsen.jpg


Mickey Adams, Lev Aronian and Vishy Anand

LCC 2011 opening Adams_Aronian_Anand.jpg


Vladimir Kramnik

LCC 2011 opening Kramnik.jpg


Hikaru Nakamura and Nigel Short

LCC 2011 opening Nakamura_Short.jpg


Luke McShane

LCC 2011 opening Mcshane.jpg


David Howell

LCC 2011 opening Howell.jpg


All photos courtesy of Ray-Morris Hill for the official website.

UPDATE: A short video of the players during the game.

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