Mainz Meanz Excitement

Mainz Meanz Excitement

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The Chess Tigers Mainz Classic is underway with it's usual entertaining variety of events.

Lev Aronian (pictured) sparkled on the first day of the 'Chess 960 Rapid World Championship' winning all three of his fascinating games against Nakamura, Movsesian and Bologan (see the news report here).

With Chess960, opening theory is thrown out of the window as the players start from one of the 960 possible positions, and unusual tactics tend to play a vital part.  Such positions can be disorienting, but also create great opportunities for rich creative ideas. 

Another event at the Mainz festival is the Livingston Chess960 Computer WCC featuring Rybka, Deep Shredder, Deep Sjeng and Ikarus.  After the first set of games, Rybka is dominating in Aronian-like fashion, winning all of its games.

For those who prefer to stick to good ole Chess, the Grenkeleasing Rapid World Championship starts on Friday with Anand, Aronian, Naiditsch and Nepomnichtchi battling it out.  Anand will be going for an amazing 10th consecutive title!

More details of these and many other events can be found at the official website.  Links to coverage of the live games can be found at this page.

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